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22 Mar 2020 on Vimeo

"Empowering and protecting your family during the COVID-19 pandemic" (57:06)
Family and friends information session, by Dr. David Price, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, Mar. 22, 2020.

  • Vast majority of cases are due to direct contact, not via surface contamination

  • Hand washing when you’re outside is recommended out of an “abundance of caution”

  • Aerosoled viral contagion only possible due to prolonged (15 min+) contact with an infected person in a small, contained environment

  • Reassuring that these precautions we’re taking are actually helping


Forecast/Modelling Links

I am not sure how long these will be available without subscriptions.

27 Mar 2020 from The Seattle Times (updated from 26 Mar)

26 Mar 2020 from FiveThirtyEight



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