Fiction - I've been writing it since high school. Never had any plans to publish anything, these are just stories that came to me so I wrote them down. I like pushing words around about as much as I like pushing code around. Most of this stuff is very old, written either in college or just post college during the grad school days, but some of it is recent.


Computer Speech - 68

The Parable of the Little Ball of Mud - 69

The Couch - 69 class assignment attempt to copy Bradbury's style

The Tube - 70  class assignment attempt to copy Bradbury's style

What will they think of next – 73

The Parable of the Grapes and the Fox – 73 An Aesop style fable

Krispies - 73 I had just started doing yoga, a friend told me about mosquito trick.

Joe College Articles - 73-74 written for Whitman College weekly newspaper

Screenplay - 74

What You Can Do With a Liberal Arts Education or How Yahtzee Became the National Pastime and Destroyed the Earth - 74 unfinished college novel, collecting Joe College stories

CIA - 75 part of Yahtzee

Hitchin’ - 75

Loop - 75 only one I ever tried to sell to Analog

The Bean - 75 part of Yahtzee

Lefchetz - 77 a true story from grad school

Iris - 78

Sexmajor - 80

Phobos - 81 unfinished short story

Asylum – 83 too short to be a story but one of my favorites.

Catskill Eagle Rewrite - 85 unfinished detective novel (more)

Something Different - 85 unfinished Space Opera novel

Demon – 88

Duck – 95 story I wrote for the kids while on a business trip.

Epilog - 97

Once Upon a Time in the Chatroom - 99

Into your hands – 01 an Asimov styled Robot story

A creation myth - 02

Your Move - 05 written after the War of the Worlds remake. Wondered why a truly superior critter would ever want to fight a war?