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Some Stabilization and Flexibilty
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BOSU Ball Balance & Stability

Gymnastics Rings Shoulder/Core

Simple Shoulder Opener


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Yoga Journal

Glossary of 24 Popular Yoga Styles & Lineages
(Link to Elephantjournal)

The style I teach is on this list at (9):
"(9) Hatha Flow: a hatha flow class will involve some slow to medium-paced flowing from pose to pose, through sun salutations or other series of connected poses—followed by sustaining each of the postures for a longer period. Hatha flow classes vary greatly from teacher to teacher."


Yogagary Class Waiver Form

Download the Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability Form (pdf)

(Needed only for personal yoga classes, not for those I teach at Harbor Square Athletic Club or other gyms.)


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